Ueda Tatsuya's Prowess @ turf_fanfix. (lonely_heartz) wrote in ueda_daily,
Ueda Tatsuya's Prowess @ turf_fanfix.

Ueda Tatsuya-centric Fanfiction Community.

Name of website: turf_fanfix 
Community URL: http://community.livejournal.com/turf_fanfix/profile
Hello everyone! Welcome to the TURF or turf_fanfix! This is our TURF.
It’s an acronym for Tatsuya Ueda Real Fans!
Get your fix of fan fictions centered around our sexy boy, Ueda Tatsuya.

Hence, the main rule is:
1. The main character MUST be our pretty boy, Ueda Tatsuya (the U of KAT-TUN).
Ie: Pairings = Ryoda, Jinda, Pida, Kameda, Maruda, Uchida, Hiroda, Junda, Kokida, etc, etc.
*Note: If you write a 3some, Ueda Tatsuya must prevail at the end!
(Ie: If your 3some is Akameda, then, Ueda Tatsuya must win over whomever he's against!
Hence, the ending should either result to a Jinda or a Kameda!
Reminder: This is an Ueda Tatsuya-centric community!)

2. The remainder of the rules are located on the profile!

*Pair Tacchan up with whomever you desire!
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