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Mousepeace DVD + CD Japanese Petition.


The link provided above is the petition made by Japanese fans to support the release of Mousepeace DVD + CD.
The Japanese fans are trying their best to get Tacchan's Mousepeace concert released and I think that Ueda Tatsuya fans from all over the world should do the same. The more the merrier. Let's help them out! Besides, it's also for our benefit! 

I think that we should post more entries and messages on it..since there's only 12 pages on it so far. Also, people are still posting! The latest post besides mine was made only yesterday... March 9th, 2009! Hence, it's not too late to send in our collective request to have it released!

I'm unsure whether or not this link has been posted before and if it has, I apologize. Anyways, instructions on how to post your request on the website will be under the LJ-cut:

1. Below this: -[MOUSE PEACEのDVD&CD化要望書]-
You will see this: 投稿
(It's the one on the top center -- it's the one on the left side).

2. After clicking it, you will come across:
- 名前
(It's the first box.. it's for your name).
(It's the second box.. is where you post your comment).

3. You can skip the third box..

4. 画像認証(必須)
The fourth box (enclosed in red casing)... you just type in the numbers shown in green letters!

5. The last step.. is you click on the submit button!
(It's located right underneath the fourth box).

Let's get Tacchan's MOUSEPEACE released!

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