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Love Ueda.

Too much Ueda is... love. XD.

Fairy Ueda. *Heart* him.
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Welcome, minna, to ueda_daily, an LJ community for the lovely Ueda Tatsuya of the group KAT-TUN. This community was created to spread the Ueda rabu rabu. Please support him as well as his fellow groupmates ♥. XD Arigato~.

Name: Ueda Tatsuya
Nicknames: Uebo, Roba whatever you like to call him 8)
Age: 22 (second oldest in KAT-TUN)
Birthdate: 1983.10.4
Birthplace: Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Blood Type: B
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Instruments: Piano; Guitar
Idols: Gackt Camui; Imai Tsubasa
Group: KAT-TUN (JE)
Special talent: Boxing; Basketball
Pets: 2 dogs, 5 cats
Naive: He sees fairies! ♥
Favorite phrase: (Please) Marry me! [mod: YES PLEASE♥! XP. Couldn't resist.]
Favorite school subject: History [mod: me too;P]
Favorite food: Meat
Favorite colors: Black; Red; Gray; White; Blue
Hair color through the ages: Short black -> Short brown -> Short blonde -> Long blonde -> Long brown -> Long black -> Long black with blonde-ish highlights -> Long black with brown-ish highlights (mod: crack♥)

Info from here, from here and from my stock knowledge. As well as my crack. XD.

[mod: If there's anything you would like to change about the following, don't hesitate to say it. I get confused at times, so gomenasai. >.<;]

1. Any more than one picture should go behind an LJ cut. Teasers are allowed, but up to 2 pictures only, and not image-heavy. If it is, then use the LJ cut.

2. Please post pictures that have Ueda in them. It doesn't necessarily have to be just Ueda, for as long as he is in it, we fans will be delighted to our heart's content. ♥

3. No flaming nor rudeness to the members.

4. You can submit media files, icons, fanfics, anything else relating to Ueda in some way.

5. If someone uploads a media file, please comment if you take it.

6. Please head all posts with the title [Pictures], [Fanfics], etc. It helps to sort through the posts.

7. We wouldn't want to have leechers. If you're protective of the content, then please secure it with a friends-lock.

8. If you join, then try to be an active member of the community.

9. Comment once in a while.

9. If you dont' like big lips Ueda...you don't belong here!

10. Crack material is definitely allowed. XD

11. Spread the Ueda rabu!

medusicah; pinkujisatsu; schizofragile; sesshouga; squippo

Userinfo done by me. Please contact me if you want to add more info/bio about Tat-chan. Arigato~.

Brushes from Hybrid-Genesis.
Made with Photoshop 7.
Pictures were given by the lovely comm members♥. Arigato!